Healthcare Workforce Motivation as Crucial Element of Healthcare Reform Success

Skender Topi, Gazment Koduzi, Shkëlqim Hidri


Health care reforms are initiated in order to improve the quality of care aiming main objective, healthy population. Regardless goals of healthcare reforms, main actors implementing all activities, are the most important element of human resources, professional workers. Human resources are the most important asset of the healthcare system and their motivation has key importance for sectoral reforms. Human resource motivation is the process that assures utilization of employee’s, hence either healthcare institution or an employee get most high profit. Primary health care reform started in the year 2007 had financial, organizational and juridical dimensions, which couldn’t succeed without the motivation of healthcare personnel in the process. Health Insurance Institute (HII) was found in 1995 as a single purchase in Albania. Active purchasing strategies can drive better quality of care by financial rewarding best practices and improve outcome, and create incentives for providers to be more efficient or more responsive to consumers. This was the key mechanism used by HII in contracting Health Centers (HC) since the beginning of health care reform in primary health care. New financing formula: 85% of fix budget for normal running of HC, 10% of the budget according to the performance of family doctors and 5% of budget based on process indicators in order to measure results of health care in the catchment area of HC. According to Herzberg’s hygiene factors, if you address dissatisfying job factors like work conditions, salary, status, and security you may create peace, but not necessarily enhance performance. HC have the right to distribute financial remuneration twice per year to health staff based on financial results, in order to motivate them to provide better quality service. On the other hand sign of working contract between HC on one side and healthcare employ on the other side, tended to make employees feel more secure in working place. Study “HTA in primary health care” mean to research if motivation factors of primary healthcare reform have been successful.

Keywords: healthcare reform, motivation, satisfaction, security.

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